Davictor Hair

It's chic.
It's professional.
It's progressive.
It's the finest hair products.
It's a place of art.
It's a place of beauty.
It's a place of caring.
It's a place to look good.

Let the beauty you love be what we do.

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It’s chic. It’s professional. It’s progressive. It’s the finest hair products. It’s a place of art. It’s a place of beauty. It’s a place to see and be seen. It’s a place of caring. It’s a place to look good.

Let the beauty you love be what we do.

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Exclusive and bespoke treatments for men and women
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Seasonal styles

Cuts and styles by Apollon and his talented team
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Colour that harmonizes

Along with an emphasis on healthy hair that assures a fabulous look
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Manicure and pedicure

Starting with a consultation and hot towel treatment/ foot soak in our luxury spa
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Makeup salon services

Using the best makeup to create a unique, personalised make-up experience

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Flexible opening times

Monday to Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday by appointment

Contact us

Address:  Davictor Ltd, 4 Ellis Street, London, SW1X 9AL

Tel:  0207 730 4312  or  07552 882 208

Email: info@davictor.com

Davictor is a short walk from Sloane Square, situated off Sloane Street and its many fashionable shops and boutiques. Parking spaces are available directly in front of the salon.